Some Final Thoughts On The NDP Leadership Race

After four ballots, multiple cyber attack-related delays and Charlie Angus proving that, as a rapper, he makes a pretty good punk rocker!

– I’m okay with Thomas Mulcair winning in the end but understand completely how people can feel really frustrated with the result. After all, that’s pretty much how I felt after Dwain Lingenfelter won our Provincial leadership. But I didn’t tear up my membership and I hope the people who are most angry with Mulcair don’t either. You have to admit Mulcair has way more potential upside as leader of the government in waiting than long past his best-before date, Dwain Lingenfelter.

– Others disagreed but I thought it was cool that no candidate directed their supporters to a specific candidate after being eliminated (well, except Martin Singh but he announced that long before convention so no surprise to anyone.)

– speaking of, LOVED his South Park-esque floor show intro, his son’s fiddle playing and even his personal twist on the common topic of evoking St. Tommy. If that had come through better before convention, he may have moved up a couple spots on my ballot.

– most of the floor shows were disappointing – I liked Nathan Cullen, Martin Singh and Niki Ashton but many of the others were boring or ran long (or both!)

– am I a complete idiot for not realizing Martin Hill converted to become Martin Singh?

– That Denial of Service attack is crazy but not unexpected. Michael Geist cautioned against online voting dangers a year ago (and some quick wit on Twitter may have been the first to raise the spectre of DOS attack – albeit in a semi-joking fashion.)

– I love the line I read in some column “Thomas Mulcair may have won the leadership but Nathan Cullen may have won more with how his star his risen during this campaign.”

– I find it funny that the NDP are now led by a former Liberal and the Liberals are now led by a former NDPer (which means Nathan Cullen’s cooperation plan wasn’t so far-fetched after all!)

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