Pimp My iPad

AskMetaFilter weighs in with the best apps for the new iPad.  On the other hand, here are some quick negatives after a week’s use:

– the app store seems A LOT less useful on the iPad than the iPhone.  On the iPhone, it’s really easy to drill down by category in something like Games -> Board Games or whatever.  That same ease-of-use doesn’t seem to exist for the iPad version of the app store

– on top of that, apps for the iPad seem to be way more expensive, even for the same program

–  the iPad itself and many apps don’t easily support multiple user profiles which makes it awkward for sharing within a family (Pace’s solution: “Dad, you need one iPad for you and one and buy another one for me!”)

– no voice recorder app by default

– no clock app by default

– the speaker is on the outward facing edge rather than the bottom on the iPhone which means when you hold the device tilted towards you, the sound is projected outwards more than down/towards you.

– there are some complaints about the iPad running extremely hot but I haven’t used it long enough or intensively enough (no 6-hour gaming marathons) to know if this is the case

– also rumours about bad wifi but I’ve only noticed this once when I was Skyping with someone and went to the opposite end of the house from where our router is located and the signal got a bit herky-jerky.

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