Track How Badly The Flames Are Crapping The Bed

This site will show the odds of any NHL team making the playoffs as the season heads to a finish in about ten games or so.

As usual, the Calgary Flames are doing their annual trick of the last couple years and look to be heading for a massive choke after being oh so close to making the final playoff spot.  As of today, they look to have about a 25% chance of finishing in 7th or 8th spot whereas a week ago they were at about 50%.  But you lose a couple games to the two worst teams in the league then lose in OT against the team you’re competing with for one of two available spots (actually FIVE teams are currently competing for two spots), your odds aren’t that good.

This does give me an opportunity to do something I’ve meant to do.  Memories in sports can be short and it’s honestly felt like the Flames have just missed the playoffs for a number of years.  But looking at the Flames’ finishes since the glorious 2004 Stanley Cup run, we see the choking has really only occurred the last couple years (and pending the next few games, may be three in a row.)

2004 – 6th (94 points)  * Made Stanley Cup Finals
2005 – (Lockout – No Season)
2006 – 3rd (103 points)
2007 – 8th (96 points)
2008 – 7th (94 points)
2009 – 5th (98 points)
2010 – 10th (90 points)
2011 – 10th (94 points)

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