The Greatest Quote about Librarians Ever?

This still isn’t my ever-percolating rant about e-books and libraries but I wanted to show how the bar has been raised by this awesome post which includes the great passage:

And if you thought about it for more than five seconds, you’d understand what the real purpose of the library should be. And it ain’t about getting a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey for those thirty horny women who just asked for it because think they might like some S&M, but would scream out loud if you were making out and accidentally leaned on their hair.

Oh, God, have you read any of this book? Fifty Shades of Grey? Read this and tell me it wasn’t written by a sixteen-year-old girl:

“Does this mean you’re going to make love to me tonight, Christian?”
“No, Anastasia it doesn’t. Firstly, I don’t make love. I fuck… hard.”

Well, duh. Does anyone fuck soft? We all fuck hard. But seriously, even librarians fuck hard.

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