The Fireplace Delusion: An Insight Into Theism for Atheists

Well-known atheist, Sam Harris, recently posted “The Fireplace Delusion” as an analogy to help atheists understand how theists see the world (and especially how they feel when their beliefs are criticized).

The point he makes is that a wood fire – in a home hearth or around a campfire – with its strong associations of community, comfort and tradition, is also well-documented by science to be extremely harmful to humans, the environment and so on.

And yet, even knowing the facts, many of us persist in enjoying our fires, theist or no.  Just as many theists continue to enjoy their belief system in the face of all scientific evidence and facts.

(via Reddit which unfortunately, gets sidetracked into a side debate about eating meat as another thing we also all know is bad but do anyhow)

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