Saturday Snap – Our Li’l Metalhead

Ahhh, how sweet…

But in all seriousness, “Cum On Feel the Noize” plays a very big role in my early “education”.

A classmate was making a poster for a school dance in elementary school and I, being Mr. Brainiac Smart-pants, mentioned his obvious mis-spelling of the word “Come” on the poster.

So, with the patience one shows for a toddler or a nerdy future librarian who lacks the insights provided by an older metalhead brother like he had, my buddy took me to a quiet corner of the school gym and told me that no, he had actually spelled the word “cum” properly and went on to explain some of the deeper lyrical symbolism of Quiet Riot’s metal masterpiece.

I’m not sure if that lesson was why I went on to become an English major (okay, pretty sure “not”) but given Pace’s recent fascination with homonyms, I thought I’d share this anecdote that shows how he at least comes by it honestly!  Er, no pun intended.  😉

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