Kids Say The Damndest Things (In the Library)

The idea behind this site is pretty good but I think it’d work better if it was opened up so anyone could contribute so the person running it would have lots of content.

For example, you can check out the ThingsMyKidSaid sub-reddit for lots of great submissions.

At this point, I should probably add something cute that Pace has recently said or done but honestly, nothing pops immediately to mind.  I guess the closest to a “cute” one is that he was talking to his mom the other day and pointing at the cat, he said “Koko has nails and we hammer nails too.”  Then he looked at his toy gun and said “This has a spring and spring is a season.”  After a quick call to her friendly neighbourhood reference librarian to make sure she had the right terminology, Shea told Pace these were homonyms.

Now he sees homonyms everywhere – although he pronounces them as “hominids” which I find hilarious – he’s found a near-homonym for “homonym”!

[2012-02-23 – Edit: He ran out of his bedroom tonight with a couple more…”Dad, there’s ‘wind’ like in the air and there’s ‘winned’ like a hockey game.  And there’s ‘bread’ like bread and ‘bread’ like toast!”  So we’ve got a bit of work to do yet! ;-)]

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