For the Record…

I spent part of today chipping out the last of the ice on our driveway.  In mid-February.  In Saskatchewan.

Last winter was one of the most brutal I can remember – usually we get 1-2 really cold snaps through the whole winter (which usually lasts from October to oh, let’s say April).  But last year, it felt like it was -40 EVERY FRIGGIN’ DAY.

Then, this year, the average temperature has hovered around -4 or something unreal like that and that’s only because we had two very brief cold snaps (one of which we were in Hawaii for – and yes, I’ll be honest and admit I was watching what the weather was doing and hoping like hell it would get bastard cold while we were gone!)

Two brief cold snaps and otherwise, we’ve probably had more days above zero than below it (okay, that’s a slight exaggeration but that’s what it feels like.  I do know we’ve rarely gone below -10 for daytime temps all winter.)

Shea, Pace and I went skating at a nearby outdoor rink since it was +4 today and the ice was pretty soft.  Did I mention it’s mid-February?  In Saskatchewan?

So crazy…

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