Music Monday – “All that fibre optic gear/Cannot take away the fear/Like an island song”

Other than those opening lines about it being “cold, cold, cold” (today was +5), I think this is my theme song for the next couple weeks.

Oh, and there’s also the line about “You’re caught up in the Internet/You think it’s such a great asset/But you’re wrong, wrong, wrong.”  Not sure how much I’ll be blogging when we get to Hawaii – if I do, I do and if I don’t, I don’t.  (I know the consensus of my Facebook friends was not to stress being without iPhone access in Hawaii but it’s just such a part of my life – looking up facts, checking in on FourSquare, finding highly rated restaurants, having GPS coordinates on photos, even being able to track my walks on RunKeeper – I just love how it augments my life.)

Oh, and no offense to my friends in Saskatchewan but I hope that +5 turns into -30 until about the end of the month and then winter’s over.  Most speculation is that our incredibly mild winter will lead to us being absolutely hammered by bad weather in February and March.  I hope that’s just Saskatchewan reverse psychology at work!

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