Friday Fun Link – A Month In Music

Maybe this should be a Music Monday post as it’d probably fit there too.

There’s a new Tumblr blog written by a guy who realised his iTunes library had 10 000+ MP3’s almost perfectly equal to a month of music?  He decided to put all of his music on shuffle for a straight month with no interruptions then write about the songs he serendipitously encountered throughout the month – whether it’s the Halloween sound effects that wake him up at 3am or a powerful song from his teen years.

(via MetaFilter where much of the discussion became comparisons of the relative sizes of music libraries – gotta love nerds.  Er, for the record, the sizze of mine is 19634 items, 54.3 days of music and 103 GB.  After my latest purchase – downloading as I type – I’ll be pretty close to 20 000.  $13.99 for 121 songs and the music goes to prostate cancer research plus lots of indie-type Canadian artists – how can you not?)

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