Saturday Snap – my iPhone Home Screen

A minor meme going around the social networks right now asks people to post their iPhone’s home screen.

I just upgraded to an iPhone 4S last week (the battery was getting worse literally every single day so I finally broke down on the upgrade – even though I had to pay out to evil Rogers to switch my contract to SaskTel.)

This upgrade was also a good opportunity to review my app collection (I have a LOT less on my new phone – at least so far!) and how I organize them.

But my home page has basically stayed the same as it was on my other phone.  A few news apps (G&M, G&M Politics, HuffPo), one for sports (Score Mobile), a few of the core social networks, er, plus Tout (Facebook, Twitbird, G+, Tout), one that I use to track my route & distance anytime I go for a walk (RunKeeper), a link to Google Calendar, a ToDo list manager (CheckIt!), the default camera app and photo roll.

It would be interesting to see how this prime real estate has changed over time – which apps have come along to usurp the spot of others that I no longer use for whatever reason.


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