Bright Futures Indeed!

Earlier today, Shea, Pace and I went to the grand opening of the joint campaign office for three of the NDP candidates in next month’s provincial election – Jaime Garcia, Warren McCall and Trent Wotherspoon.   Jaime’s the new guy on the block, replacing retiring MLA Kim Trew, so he arguably has the toughest battle ahead of him in an election which many are predicting will be a rout by the governing Saskatchewan Party.

Things may be looking grim but as I posted before, there are also reasons it might not be as bad as the polls are saying.

One of the things I said was that the NDP is (and always has been) the party with the best ideas.  This is demonstrated by the NDP’s recent policy document, “A Rooted and Growing Vision’ and is also exemplified by ideas like the one captured in this new campaign commercial.

Simply put, creating a sovereign wealth fund like the one in Norway (I can’t find it now but recently read somewhere that this Norwegian fund has a hugely disproportionate influence on helping the European economy survive the global recession of 2008) is an awesome idea.  I *love* that the NDP are proposing a similar fund for Saskatchewan and can’t wait to see what other ideas they will put forward in the weeks to come.

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