Some Recent Pace Cuteness

Pace on growing up:  “First, you’re a baby then you’re a kid then you’re a human then you find a wife.”

Pace impresses with his vocabulary (but not his abilities as a human dictionary): “Ferocious means nice.”
Jason: “No, it means dangerous…like a ferocious tiger.”
Pace: “Oh, like this?” <jumps on my head>

When Shea and Pace picked me up today, I was greeted with “Hi dad, you stupie!” (He’s not allowed to say “stupid” so this is the stand-in word he’s made up.)
“Oh, hi.  I brought you a cookie but since you said that, I think I’ll give it to your mom instead.”
“Uhm, I love you dad!”

I was out at a meeting tonight and after it finished, I called to let Shea know I’d be home soon.  Pace was (as usual) resisting bedtime but when the phone rang, he apparently ran directly to his bedroom, calling over his shoulder “Don’t tell dad!”  Shea picked up the phone, laughing and after telling me what had happened, said it was extra funny because she’d threatened to “call your dad” earlier in the night when he first got out of bed.

“Is this healthy?”  – This has been a bit of a recurring mantra with everything we feed him lately.  Our lectures about cookies, candy and McDonald’s have sunk in, I guess.  For example, last night, Pace and I were playing Elmo (him) and Cookie Monster (me).
Pace: “Here Cookie Monster.  Have some celery.”
Me: “I want cookie!”
Pace: “No, eat celery.  It’s healthy.”
Me: (pretending to put the celery in a bowl).  “I’ll just add some eggs and sugar and flour.  Ummm, ummm, ummm.  Celery cookies!”
Pace (mad): “Dad, there’s no such thing as celery cookies!”

And I know that the current advice is that you should correct your child’s mis-pronounced words but Pace has a few that I just love and can’t force myself to correct.  I hope I’m not doing him irreparable harm!  (I mean the kid breaks out the word “ferocious” without any problem so I’m not too worried!)
Ham-gerber = hamburger
Grill = girl
Plillow – pillow
Pewter – computer

Oh, and I think I made reference to this before (either on this blog or maybe on Facebook) but here’s photographic proof of Pace’s attempt to spike his hair…with toothpaste!

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