Time Travel, Being Violated By A Police Officer and An Early Hint o’ My Librarian Tendencies

We were at a wedding in my hometown about a month ago.  Sitting at the table during the reception, I was chatting with one of the people I hadn’t seen in a long time but who had lived next door to our house for most of her years in Indian Head.  She was a friend of my sister’s and a couple years younger than me.

“I’m not surprised you became a librarian,” she said.

“Why?” I asked, thinking she might comment on how well-read I was, how intelligent I was or how stunning I looked in a cardigan.

“Well, you were always a bit anal.”


“Oh yeah.  In fact, when I was over visiting Janna, sometimes I’d sneak into your room and re-arrange your action figures you had positioned all around your room.”


“Sure.  I knew you’d hate it.  Isn’t that funny?”

“Yeah.  Funny…ha, ha!”

So, beyond the fact that this earth-shaking violation of my privacy was confessed by someone who has gone on to be a fairly visible member of the City of Regina Police Service, it did make me realise that perhaps my anal retentive tendencies were on display early on.

Which is all a long way to stay that those tendencies still exist and though I try to control them, they manifest themselves in unexpected ways.  Like this blog.

It’s no secret that I try to post at least *something* every day.  And I’ve admitted that when I miss a day, I’ll backdate a post to keep the “daily post” streak going.  (A good hint – if a post is dated for between 11pm-12am, it’s likely a backdated one.)

But I rarely back date multiple missed days, instead just choosing to declare a “blog holiday”.  But after a long weekend away camping in what one local described as “the middle of nowhere” (to be fair, a hotly contested title in Saskatchewan), I’ve decided to go back and do posts for last Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday (which is today as I’m writing this though this post’ll be dated Thursday – got it?)

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