Friday Fun List – Some More Google+ Resources

Anybody still using Google+? 😉  The site definitely seems to have cooled over after the big buzz of its launch (my all-time favourite G+ post was the one Redditor who posted “This site is already dead.  Nobody’s using it anymore.” ONE WEEK after it went live!)

Anyhow, I’m still checking it regularly – beyond the few people I know on it, it’s become a really good source of tech info – both from the gurus who are active on there (Tom Anderson who founded MySpace is actually one of my favourite posters) and also from the hundreds of Redditors and MeFites who I’m following. I also have specific circles for both Google & Facebook employees (guess which one is more useful on G+?)

Plus there’s always that randomness to the content that all social networks with news streams tend to have – funny pictures and videos, random observations and updates, book and movie recommendations and so on.

Here are a few resources for G+:

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