Friday Fun Link – “BAR”‘s and “BEER”‘s

Great to see that my former colleagues at Southeast Regional Library have started a YouTube channel with a focus on training videos for SRL staff.  It is particularly gratifying to see that they’re still using the Branch Activity Report (BAR) that I created for our rural branches to report their ongoing activities to HQ.

My silly naming conventions didn’t stop there.  When I created the BAR, I was joking around in the staff room one day, saying I should also change the name of our Branch Expenditure Reports so that they’d be called BEER instead of BER (not that anyone called them that.).

That way, we could get after our branch librarians to “get on that BAR!” or “finish your BEER!”.  My boss, who didn’t always share my sense of humour spoke up and I thought he was going to ask me to change the names of both reports.  Instead he goes, “Oh, that’s easy.  Call it the Branch Economic Expenditures Report and you’ve got your acronym!”

He wasn’t the only one who enjoyed it.  I was recently looking back at the feedback I got when I conducted a 360 interview just before leaving SRL.  One branch librarian mentioned the BEER & BAR as a specific example of how I brought a light touch and humour to the job that they enjoyed.

Anyhow, you too can “get on the BAR” here…

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