Friday Fun Link – MetaFilter 12th Anniversary Memories

In addition to the traditional anniversary post which echoes the very first MetaFilter post twelve years ago, this year MetaFilter’s owner decided to solicit user comments on their fondest memories about the site on a very special domain– some of which are funny, some are romantic and some of which are poignant.  (And some of which are just plain dumb!)

MetaFilter is probably one of the leading examples of a web-based community in existence and I’m proud to have been on the site since near the beginning (though my lurking ways mean that I have a five-digit user ID instead of a the much cooler four-digit one if I’d actually signed up *before* 9/11 when so many people – lurkers and otherwise – joined the site just wanting a place to feel that sense of community in a more formal, connected way.  Of course, they’re now into six-digit user IDs so I’m not doing too badly! Also, “hey, you kids, get off my lawn!”)

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