Some More Google+ Thoughts

Is Google+ a hit?  Well, I basically haven’t checked Facebook in a week so you tell me!

One thing that really helped keep me on G+ was that a Redditor came up with a way for their members to add themselves to a spreadsheet using Google Docs, let anyone import that into Gmail and then make all of those contacts into a pre-made G+ circle.  So that’s given me an instantaneous list of hundreds of very engaged, plugged-in techie types and a ready-made G+ stream that I might not have otherwise.  (Although one advantage of G+ is that, like Twitter, you can follow anyone without them having to friend/follow you back so you can quickly build a list by following the many Tech Gurus who are there or well-known librarians or others in your areas of interest.)

In addition to spending a lot of time with the site, I continue to do lots of reading about it.  Here are some of my latest finds…

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