Music Monday – “But now we’re bound for ol’ St. John’s/Where all the girls are dancing/Heave away, me jolly boys/We’re all bound away!”

Hmm, do other provinces have a distinctive musical sound in the same way that the Maritime provinces do?  In a very stereotypical way, I’d say that the music of Quebec is probably linked by the fact that it’s…sung in French.  For the prairies (well, Alberta at least) I think of traditional country & wesetern music – whether it’s old timers like Ian Tyson or modern torch bearers like Corb Lund and Tim Hus.

Ontario?  British Columbia?  Manitoba?  Saskatchewan?  I might go so far as to say that the sound of Saskatchewan (for me anyhow) is polka music given our large German and Ukrainian populations.  But that might not be something that people from away think of when they think of Saskatchewan.

Anyhow, only a few days until I’m in a place where the musical culture is very much to my liking!

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