Saturday Snap – Capoeira

Mosaic is a long-standing multicultural festival in Regina which is an highlight for many in the city.

For $14 (the current price though I remember when it cost half that! </oldman>), you get a passport that allows you entry into numerous pavilions located in curling rinks and community halls around the city (plus free bus transportation between them if you’re imbibing or just don’t want to fight the traffic.)

Each pavilion – be it Korean, Latin American, Ukrainian, German and so on – features relevant cultural entertainment, food & drink, displays and occasionally vendors.  The food is a bit over-priced for what you get (often sampler plates are the best value but these will still run you about $8-12 each for not a lot of food) but hey, you’re probably going to try something at most pavilions and it’s only once a year right?

For many, part of the appeal is seeing how many of the 20-odd pavilions you can get to over the three days that the festival runs.  For that reason, hitting the same venue twice is a rarity (unless you have a favoured venue that you like to end at every night. Traditionally, this would be the Scottish, Irish, Carribbean pavilions which are the “party central” ones.)

But this year, Shea and I were so impressed with the entertainment at the Brazilian pavilion that after going out last night with friends but leaving Pace at home with my aunt, we decided to go back again today to catch the show from the front row with him joining us this time.

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