Five Good Things About Librarians

A few generalizations about my chosen profession…

1. Librarians know a lot about a lot
You’ll probably never meet a class of people who have broader range of interests than librarians.

2. Librarians live to help
For most librarians, a desire to help other people is core to their existence.

3. Librarians embody democracy
By embracing values including equality, neutrality, fairness and knowledge while operating in a public space that is open and accessible to all with no judgment or charge.

4. Librarians defend freedom
By supporting the right of every individual to read what they choose, whether that’s Mein Kampf, Harry Potter or Sylvia Browne (though probably nothing has pained me more in my professional career than approving Purchase Requests for Sylvia Browne!)

5. Librarians make a positive, long-term, tangible impact on the communities in which they operate.
Nuff said!

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