Sappy Sunday – Some Things Are More Important Than Hockey

The NHL playoffs continue and the final four are down to San Jose versus Vancouver and Boston versus Tampa Bay.

In terms of who I think will win the Cup this year, I’m getting razzed as anti-Canadian by my Vancouver relatives but, as a Calgary Flames fan, I just can’t force myself to cheer for Vancouver!  I’m also cheering against Tampa Bay since they beat the Flames for the Cup in 2004 and if they were to win it again less than a decade later, that would re-open some painful old wounds.
So I’m hoping for a Boston – San Jose final (although the Canucks beat the Sharks to go up 3-1 this afternoon so it’s looking like Vancouver will make the final.  In that case, I hope the Canucks keep the record of Canadian futility that the Flames started in 2004.  Since then, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa have all made it to the final, only to fall short.  So maybe it will be Boston – Vancouver but if so, I *really* hope Boston wins!    Of course, there are also other historical precedents that all but guarantee Vancouver will win this year! 😉  But if they don’t, perhaps next year Winnipeg will be the first Canadian team to win the Cup since 1993 – that’d be okay by me!)

Anyhow, I came across this story about a special inspiration for Tampa Bay’s goaltender, Dwayne Roloson and it’s a good reminder that there are some things more important than hockey.  So if Tampa Bay OR Vancouver win the Cup, it’s not the end of the world.  (Well, maybe if Vancouver wins.  See, I can’t help myself!)

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