Music Monday – “I used to come here when I was six/When everything hurt and I felt sick/There is something about the colder air/That made me feel better than anywhere”

We’re off to Calgary from Wednesday until early next week so it may be another blog holiday depending on how busy we are and what my Internet access is like at our various ports of call.

In the meantime, here’s a song from one of my favourite artists I discovered when we lived in Cowtown.  Tariq was one of the featured performers at a fundraiser for Amnesty International chapter and he absolutely blew me away – great songs, great lyrics and a great performer with just an acoustic guitar and a microphone.

Unfortunately, partly because he’s an unsigned indy artist and partly because he goes by the somewhat common name, Tariq, it’s pretty hard to find clips of him online.  Below is the only song of his I could find on YouTube and there’s a few more on CBC3 (check out “Basement” which is one of my favourites and the song which is quoted as the title of this post.)

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