Five Questions I’m Wondering About During This Election

1.  Will young people vote in greater numbers than in past elections due to social media influence (or just more attention being paid to them generally?)  (Also, are polls under-representing young voters due to the prevalence of cell phones for this demographic and could that result in any election surprises?  Or have pollsters learned to control for this?)

2.  Can Jack Layton convert his personal popularity into real, tangible gains or will people once again go to the Liberals when the chips are down?  (By the way, I love the new NDP Google maps mash-up site where people from across Canada can leave brief messages about why they’re voting NDP.  The site is particularly effective when it comes from people who previously voted for other parties but I also wish there was a way to look through the submissions manually instead of it rotating randomly.)

3. Can Saskatchewan turn a couple seats orange?  (Please, please, please, oh please!)


4.  Why do people vote Conservative and is there a way to change their minds?  I mean, most of the sites I linked to yesterday are good at preaching to the converted but I don’t know if I’ve yet seen a site that might convince my relatives in rural Saskatchewan or my cousin in BC to consider voting for anything but the Conservatives.

5. What do all the parties have in store in terms of advertising campaigns, social media strategies, bombshell announcements as we head into the home stretch?  (U of R had its own vote mob today and that got me thinking, wouldn’t it have been cool if the NDP organized a country-wide free concert series for the last week or so of the campaign to further try to pull the youth vote, similar to the various free concerts that featured some pretty big names during the Obama campaign.)

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  1. John wrote:

    “Will young people vote in greater numbers … due to social media” Some of us old folks are getting involved in greater numbers due to social media. If you were to gauge the vote from #elxn41 on Twitter, the NDP or Liberals would be forming a majority government.

    Posted 21 Apr 2011 at 6:21 am
  2. HeadTale wrote:

    I focused on the young people because they’ve had such a low turnout rate historically compared to old guys like us (I think every demographic slice gets a slightly higher percentage turnout as you move towards the older end of the spectrum.)

    But you’re right that there are probably lots of others who are choosing to be more involved because of what they’re seeing in social media outlets – news stories being posted to Facebook, funny YouTube videos, etc.

    There’s definitely a Lib/NDP bias in the social media outlets and I try to keep that in mind when I start feeling too confident about my chosen party’s chances. Just this morning I posted to Facebook how I happened across a “Campaign Kickoff Event For Regina Conservative MP’s” from the start of this month and how four MP’s managed to get a total of two RSVP’s! (By way of comparison, I pointed out that our family gets more of a crowd when we all try to fit in our bathroom in the morning!)

    Posted 21 Apr 2011 at 9:12 pm

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