Some Recent Signs I’m Becoming An Old Man

  1. Penciled in the Gold Medal Curling Game as my Sunday night’s entertainment.  (I also have the PVR set to record “60 Minutes” every week though, in defense of my youth, I haven’t watched a single episode yet!)
  2. Spent time before the curling started getting my sump pump up and running.
  3. Spent last night playing a new board game my parents got during their first-ever snowbird getaway to Arizona (a sign that they’re *really* old! <grin>)
  4. Shea and I had a new bed delivered this weekend and the most exciting things we’re looking forward to is…sleeping in it! 😉
  5. I’m thinking of voting for the Conservatives!  😉 😉 😉

(This list is meant to be humourous and no insult to any young or young-at-heart person who loves curling, spring flooding, board games or sleeping.  It is meant to make fun of the demographics of the average Conservative voter – more on that one of these days!)

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