Too Many Tabs Tuesday

  1. What Man Understands That He Is Dying Daily? – great carpe diem article about life, love and fatherhood (via RM Facebook post)
  2. The Economy of Cuba and Cuban Convertible Peso – insight into how the Cuban economy works
  3. 2011 : The Year of the Librarian – The Atlantic makes the connection at SXSW 2011
  4. Behind The Scenes at a Five Star Resort in the Mayan Rivieria – how do these mini-cities operate?
  5. Manage Blocked Sites With Google – in response to criticism about increasingly spam-filled results, Google now allows users to block certain domains and will use that crowdsourced info to improve results for everyone (via MetaFilter)
  6. Asians in the Library – not cool
  7. 40 Best Augmented Reality apps
  8. #higherstakeschildrensbooks – a trending Twitter tag the other day
  9. How Do You Accept That Some Things Will Never Change? – AskMetaFilter
  10. Mumpsimus – my new most favourite word!
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