Friday Fun Link – “At first I was just happy you weren’t another naked guy” – ChatRoulette Love Song

If you’re not familiar with ChatRoulette, read this old post first.

As I say in that post, a good portion of Chat Roulette’s participants appear to be young men looking to expose themselves to unsuspecting (although if you’re on ChatRoulette, it won’t take long to become “suspecting”) viewers.

Occasionally though, Chat Roulette breeds some incredible creativity – whether it’s a person doing mime for whoever pops up on his screen or someone creating ad-libbed songs or, as shown below, doing a full-on musical production (along with many customized live elements as the song goes on!) to “propose marriage” to an attractive young woman.

I gotta say, the first time I saw this, my “fake” radar started beeping like crazy – it was too intricate, too well-done, had too many customized elements.  I thought it was most likely some indie band trying to create a buzz video to help their career, like OK Go or Atomic Tom on the NY Subway.

But looking into it further, it appears to be totally legit and was created, with two months’ preparation by a Dane who did his Masters in Social Media with a focus on viral video who wanted to see if his theory could work in reality.

It obviously worked – as I type this, it’s over two million views on YouTube and growing!

(via MetaFilter which has lots of other speculation and insight.)

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