Wisdom Wednesday – Justin Bieber: Canadian Statesman?

No, that post title is not a joke.  (Well, mostly not a joke.)

The reality is that I’m only slightly ashamed to admit that I find Justin Bieber and his recent rise to stardom fascinating.

There’s the fact that he’s from Woodstock, ON, just down the road from London.  [Edit: I’m obviously not *that* fascinated because he’s from Stratford, not Woodstock.  Worse, it was my mom who corrected me on this point!] Woodstock is a town that Shea and I passed through quite a few times during our year in London (I even have a fond memory of buying a mandolin with a crack in the casing at a garage sale for $5, keeping it in our apartment all year then bringing it back here and finally selling it at our own garage sale last fall for…$5.)

I like that he actually is a talented multi-instrumentalist while many manufactured pop stars can’t be trusted not to pee themselves while on stage!

And of course, the fact that he’s the first YouTube superstar is also of note to me given my personal interest in technology, online broadcasting and related subjects.

Apparently he’s the next person to get his picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone and in the accompanying interview, he made a couple comments – one on healthcare and one on abortion – which are getting a lot of attention/causing some measure of controversy.

(Okay, I admit I’ve used the “cute” tag on this post.  The *real* reason I like Justin Bieber is revealed! ;-))

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