Too Many Tabs Tuesday

Just a link dump of some of the stuff I’ve got hanging around in my browser…

  1. “Evolving English” Exhibit at the British Library (via MF)
  2. You’ll Upset Your Mother” – Atheists Are Expected to Remain Silent In A World Where Religion Is the Norm
  3. O Canada: Economic Lessons from Our Northern Neighbour (via somebody on Facebook I think)
  4. Why DRM Doesn’t Work (aka How To Download A Book From the Cleveland Public Library – unfortunately, this is very much true
  5. Music Theory Cheat Sheet
  6. What Books Have Made You More Intelligent, Clever or in Any Other Way a Better Person? (AskReddit)
  7. If You Had To Choose Your Favourite TEDTalk, Which One Would You Choose?
  8. Which Movies From the IMDB Top 250 Are Also on NetFlix (I’m guessing this is the US NetFlix but could still be handy eventually!)
  9. Generation Why: Today’s Generation Aren’t Just Doing the Right Art or Music or Politics: They’re Creating Worlds – Zadie Smith
  10. You Can’t Judge A Book Loaner By Its cover – Library Outsourcing (MF)

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