Friday Fun Link – Yorkton to Regina in Five Minutes

A guy I went to elementary school with posted this time lapse video of the drive from Yorkton, SK to Regina, SK.  Normally about a two hour drive, this video condenses the trip to five minutes (and every time he passes a car will make you feel like you’re on a highway in Mexico for some reason!)

About halfway through (around the 2:40 mark), he drives into the Qu’Appelle Valley which is a very scenic area of the province, only about fifteen minutes north of the #1 highway and a hidden jewel that everyone who thinks Saskatchewan is flat should see.

If you turn left as you reach the base of the valley, you’d get to my family farm in about half an hour (we’re right on the edge of the Qu’Appelle valley but on the southwest side whereas this video has him coming in to the valley from the northeast) and then my hometown in another ten minutes.

The other small piece of useless trivia about the person who uploaded this – when his family lived in Indian Head, they owned the local motel which they purchased right around the time Shayne was born.  It still bears his name to this day.

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