Music Monday – ChatRoulette Meets Open Mic Nights?

Occasionally I do a search for some of my favourite bands on YouTube, limited by “Date Uploaded” to see if there are any new clips from their recent concerts.  A recent search for “Hawksley Workman” didn’t lead to any clips of him specifically but did lead to a couple recent covers.  One was tagged “Me on TheStage.TV” and when I surfed through to that site, I discovered that it was a place billing itself as the “world’s first online open mic”.

The site’s set-up so anyone can “get in line” to perform live using their webcam and speakers.  You get 3-4 minutes (depending on how many people are waiting) and the audience can “cheer” by clicking a button which earns you more time.  There’s even a leaderboard and the top rated performers can win real cash! Pretty cool (although I’m not brave enough to break out my $60 guitar and “never had a lesson in my life” stylings to serenade the world with one of my punk rock compositions such as “Siamese Dream Girl”!)

The site is very closely integrated with YouTube (in fact, I think you need a YouTube account to perform) and many of the performances are available there.

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