2010 “First Lines of the Month” Meme

This is the first line of each blog post I did each month last year…

Then remember this as the second decade of the new millennium begins.

It’s February which means Freedom to Read Week is coming at the end of the month.

The Olympics are over and the reactions are all over the place from claims from a perhaps unexpected source (Dave Bidini, not the National Post) that Canada has been changed for the better forever to claims that the debt will weigh down on our citizens for decades.

One of the big hub-bubs of the last week or so was around the fact that American right-wing commentator, Ann Coulter, had one of her speeches in Canada shut down by protesters.

I rediscovered this this box in the garage recently and Pace was *very* excited to get so many “new” toys all at once!

For anyone in the library community, you’re probably aware that CLA is going through some tough times financially and is looking at remedies – which means this year’s conference and AGM should be particularly interesting.

We’re back from our trip (actually, have been back since last Thursday night but I was enjoying my blog holiday too much to start posting right away.)

Edmonton writer and columnist, Todd Babiak, has just posted the last in a year-long series of columns about his family’s sabbatical in France.

On my old blog, whenever I missed posting but felt guilty about it since I try to post on a daily basis, I’d just backdate a post the next day (or whenever I got around to it) and pretend nothing had happened.

MusicLink is a new site that gives a simplied way to listen to albums that are available on the popular streaming service, GrooveShark.

I’m not sure – I may have posted a different version of this song before (it’s one of my all-time favourites) but I especially like this one taped during a live performance at a Chapters bookstore, somewhere in Canada.

In my ongoing quest to completely compartmentalize this blog, I’ve decided to add yet another themed day to go along with Music Mondays, Friday Fun Links, Saturday Snaps and the occasional Sappy Sunday.

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