Wisdom Wednesday – “Another Look at Bill C32 and the Access Copyright Tariff”

Dr. Sam Trosow holds a pretty special place in my FIMS experience as both the first and last professor I had classes with.  Thinking about my first class is pretty funny in retrospect but at the time quite stressful since I mis-read my schedule as my first night class happening at 7pm when in reality, it was 6:00pm.  Luckily, I double-checked at about, oh, 5:50pm, and made it to class after making what was normally a leisurely ten minute walk as a five-minute sprint.

Then, one year later and after all my classes were completed, I took the opportunity to sit in on the presentations done by a few students in one of Dr. Trosow’s doctoral classes which was a great experience and also provided some nice closure for my FIMS experience (but didn’t inspire me onto PhD studies!)

I have to admit I haven’t watched this whole video but I look forward to doing so to bring back some memories of library school!

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