Happy Whoreoween? Heteroween? Hitlerween?

Shea and I had physicals last week and while wandering through the mall where our doctor has his office, we popped into one of those “All Halloween All The Time” specialty stores that always appear just before the holidays and are gone soon after.

In other years, I had noticed that there were a lot of “Sexy [Insert Blank Here]” costumes around but going into this store, I got the impression there was nothing but “Sexy [Insert Blank Here]” costumes for women.  There were the usual suspects (Sexy Nurse, Sexy French Maid, Sexy Barmaid) but some other unexpected ones (I’m pretty sure I saw “Sexy BP Oil Worker”!)

(On a side note, I didn’t see “Sexy Librarian” but I suspect that costume was there somewhere!)

Anyhow, it wasn’t much of a coincidence to hit MetaFilter this weekend and see a long discussion about the rise of the “Sexy [Insert Blank Here]” trend in our culture – whether this was harmless fun, yet another example of objectification of women or something in between. (Although women are the main targets of the trend, there are some who would encourage men to embrace the sexy too.)

Sex columnist, Dan Savage, has a column with an interesting theory that this trend towards “sexy” costumes is just something heterosexuals have developed to display their sexuality in a campy way they can’t in their everyday lives – the hetero equivalent of a gay pride parade. Others have pointed out that this trend has tipped into something that’s ripe for satire.

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  1. SJM wrote:

    Seems to be going around as there was plenty of this on display Sat night on Richmond Row. (Although truth be told it wasn’t much different than any other Sat night in terms of skin exposure/gender difference.)
    I’m guessing you saw Pam M’s comment on FB:
    ” ‘slutty X’ costumes (where X = police officer, devil, nurse, maid, cat, librarian, any other costume that requires spike heels, black/red nylons or stay-up stockings, and miniscule shorts or skirt).”
    Dan Savage’s article does raise a good point about our prudish WASP/NA culture but the gender diff is what annoys me. And whatever happened to creativity in Hallowe’en costumes?! I remember lots of wild, witty, and amazing ideas but that all seems to have faded.
    BTW what sexy outfit did you wear last night? ;-D

    Posted 01 Nov 2010 at 11:35 am
  2. HeadTale wrote:

    I was “sexy dad trying to get back to the football game after some very rushed trick or treating during halftime”!

    Posted 10 Nov 2010 at 8:50 pm
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