Saturday Snap – The Beauty of SILS

One of the great advantages of being in a province-wide system now is that there is a much greater chance that a patron can find a book they’re looking for, even if it’s a bit more obscure or was published a long time ago.

I recently had this experience myself when I was looking through a book (that I *did* find at RPL) called something like “1001 Great Books for Young People”.

It had section with a list of books that were great for kids at various ages including 3 year olds like Pace.  So I went ahead and put a bunch of them on hold.  Most were within the RPL system itself but for a couple, I had to rely on one of our regional partners.  The classic, “Bathwater’s Hot” by Shirley Hughes was one such book.

I know some RPL staff raised the concern that we were now bringing in books for our patrons that were perhaps in a bit rougher shape than what they were used to as one of the most well-resourced systems in the province.  But I kept telling people – “if a patron gets a well-loved book from their childhood or a 1982 auto repair manual that we’ve long since weeded or whatever, they’re not going to care if it’s a bit dog-eared or has some coffee stains on it.”

Anyhow, here’s the inside cover of the Shirley Hughes’ book.  If you’re a library lover, how can you not see the date due stamps and other markings and not be reminded of your childhood?

Bathwater's Hot - Shirley Hughes

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