Five Hits on Thanksgiving Day

The Flames got spanked in their first game of the season against the Oilers (who almost made me want to cheer with them with what a dynamic young team they’ve assembled.  But then I remembered that only could happen after they’ve sucked for much of the last decade so the feeling passed.)  Topping the game off, the Oilers goon (who happens to be a Saskie boy) absolutely destroyed the Flames goon.  (TSN’s Bob McKenzie has a good column expressing the ambivalance he feels towards fighting in the game.)  At any rate, the Flames are doing better tonight – up 2-0 against the Kings with ten minutes left in the game as I type this.

CBC’s Canada Reads 2011 contest has opened itself up to nominations from the public (I’m not sure but I think this is the first year they’ve done this.)  They’re also posting daily summaries of some of the submissions which makes for an interesting recommendation engine.  (And if you’re a librarian, you could support one of our own by taking a moment to nominate Corey Redekop, author of Shelf Monkey.)

Pace Cuteness
Today, while preparing the turkey, Grandma T. slipped Pace one of those small Halloween chocolates that come wrapped in tinfoil.  I made some joke about that being “turkey poop” and that’s become a recurring joke throughout the day as Pace has repeatedly asked for “more turkey poop chocolate, please!”  

It’s probably no secret based on my posts during the Sask NDP’s leadership race that I’m not Dwain Lingenfelter’s hugest fan.  But given the turmoil around PotashCorp and a potential takeover by BHP Biliton, wouldn’t you rather have somebody in charge who has experience with all of the issues around mega-deals involving global corporations versus somebody who couldn’t sell country music in Swift Current, Saskatchewan?  I also really liked that Lingenfelter, not known for his humility, admitted that it was a mistake that the NDP didn’t more strongly oppose the privatization of SaskPotash in the 1980’s when they were in opposition against Grant Devine’s Tories.  Honesty like that could go a long way to warming the general public to Lingenfelter as we head towards a provincial election a year from now.

Random Link(s) Somehow Relating to Popular Social Media Site
The Wilderness Downtown is a cool Google experiment with HTML 5, best viewed in Google Chrome, featuring the music of Arcade Fire.

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