Saskatchewan’s Libraries Helping to Support California Pro-Pot Legislation?!?

I could write headlines for the World Weekly News with a subject line like that!

But I did catch this little tidbit in a story about how Facebook is refusing pro-pot advertisments, even as one of the site’s co-founders donated $50 000 to the cause.

Stephen Silberstein, the founder of Innovative Interfaces, a company that supplied computer software for the automation of college and city libraries, also contributed $50,000 to the Prop 19 camp in October, according to filings with the California Secretary of State.

If you didn’t know, Innovative Interfaces is the company that the Saskatchewan Information and Library Services consortium selected to provide the ILS software  that now drives our province-wide library system which is the largest in the world, both by geography and number of individual sites.

(It’s also the software used by London Public Library if you’re tuning in from London or as a FIMS grad.)

I’ll try to resist making jokes about how people who contemplate projects this complicated must be high!  Oh-oh, too late.  😉

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