Saturday Snap – Illegal U-turn = Crunch!

I put this on Facebook but thought I’d post it here too since it was so out of the ordinary.

Between Calgary, London and Regina, I’ve probably spent hundreds of hours on public transit without any accidents. Until yesterday that was.

We were on our way downtown in the morning when I heard a long blast of a horn. I looked up from my book to see a truck halfway into the intersection in front of us.

The bus driver braked but not too hard, probably conscious of his passengers (lots of bags hit the floor so it was enough of an attempted quick stop!)

Then the impact. Luckily it was a truck and we hit it behind the cab. No one was seriously hurt, they called a backup bus and we were on our way within twenty minutes.

(I heard about the truck driver doing an illegal u-turn in front of us from the bus driver while waiting for the other bus to arrive.)

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