Ex-Nazi Head of Worldwide Pedophile Ring Warns of “Atheist Menace” (cue laughter from irony police)

Atheist menace? Sure thing, Emperor. 👿

UK officials had some good ideas about the Perp’s visit initally but I think persecuting him for crimes against humanity is a better option.  I mean, his “get out of jail free” card is pretty flimsy by any standard.

Oh well, we can hope!

(most links via Reddit and MetaFilter)

[Edit: This song pretty much captures the words that came into my head when I read the Perp’s latest bullshit.  You may want to turn down your speakers before clicking that link if you’re at work.]

[Edit2: Another humourous take with probably the most appropriate use of the “Downfall” meme ever!  As is the case when presenting something I agree with, I’ll overlook the grammar errrors, often right around the point the narrative is calling the Pope stupid, by assuming this video was made by someone for whom English isn’t their/they’re/there first language! ;-)]

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