Good Article, Great Photo! The Creative Commons at Work

Shea was a bit surprised to see this article show up on Facebook tonight, especially since this random blog post happened to feature a picture of Shea and Pace breastfeeding.

Turns out an acquaintance of Shea’s from a mommy board (but who Shea’s never met in person and is someone who likely wouldn’t know what Shea looks like) came across the article and posted it to her Facebook where it, in turn, showed up on Shea’s news feed.

Shea’s had a Flickr account for quite awhile (though it’s desperately in need of an update!) and was getting a few requests to use some of the photos she had from pro-breastfeeding blogs, web sites and even one company who wanted to use a photo in an informational pamphlet they were preparing for use in hospitals across the US.

I set some (not all I don’t think) of her photos to have a Creative Commons license to make it a bit easier for folks who wished to use these photos to go ahead and do so.  But yeah, when you don’t actively watch the Flickr stats or messages, it’s still a surprise to see one of your photos show up like this, doubly so when it shows up on Facebook via a semi-acquaintance!

(Of course, I won’t even get into the fact that Shea’s most viewed photo, which has nothing to do with breastfeeding and doesn’t contain any nudity at all, only got that many views because it was linked to by a weird Japanese fetish site!)

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  1. Malcolm+ wrote:

    That makes two women of my acquaintance who’ve been linked to from foreign fetish sites. Hmmmm.

    (You’ll have to tell me the story some time – off line if it’s too sensitive.)

    Posted 13 Sep 2010 at 11:05 pm
  2. HeadTale wrote:

    Well, it’s not too bad – Shea uploaded a photo of us at Cedar Point in Ohio to her Flickr account.

    There’d been a rainstorm so her t-shirt was soaked. It was a dark t-shirt so it didn’t become see-through but you could see the outline of her bra.

    Apparently that was enough for those crazy Japanese fetishists!

    Posted 16 Sep 2010 at 6:12 pm

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