Friday Fun Link – Joseph Gordon Levitt Is The Internet’s New Boyfriend

Joseph Gordon Levitt, child star of “3rd Rock From the Son” and blossoming movie star ranging from indy-hits like “(500) Days of Summer” to this summer’s cerebral blockbuster, “Inception” is also apparently a big Web 2.0, open-source, open-collaboration advocate.

Five years ago, he formed an online studio called where anyone can contribute, remix and build on the works of others in a range of formats.  Everything is licensed to be remixed and nothing is ever “finished” but if a product at any point does get licensed or sold, the profits are split 50-50 between the company and whichever people contributed to the work.  (There’s a good overview video on the home page explaining this.)   Levitt is very open that he intends to use his growing stature within the industry to leverage HitRECord productions into audiences and opportunities where possible.

Anyhow, here’s a video of him from a party held to celebrate HitRECord.  I love his intro about how he can’t post this song on his own site since the song doesn’t “belong” to him but if you want to put it elsewhere on the Internet, “that seems to be okay.” What a perfectly succinct summary of the battle between old and new media.

(Oh, and if you haven’t seen the dance sequence from “(500) Days of Summer”, check it out too.  By way of backstory, I do believe his character has just gotten laid by the girl of his dreams prior to this scene thus leading to one of the most the most joyful dance sequences ever captured on film!)

(via MetaFilter)

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