Five Thoughts

1.  It’s always a shock to see someone wearing a Hitler ‘stash.  If anybody permanently ruined a certain look, it’s Hitler.  (If anybody else did, it’s Vanilla Ice and I secretly enjoy the fact that now, this blog post will become the top hit for Google searches for “Hitler Vanilla Ice”)

2.  I was impressed when the reservist I was replacing at Southeast Regional Library told me he had to do a 15km run with a 30lb rucksack.  But having done a 5km walk including going both up and down the hills of the Qu’Appelle Valley, much of it with a 36lb “Pace-sack” on my back, maybe his feat isn’t as impressive as it sounds?  (Just kidding – if I had to do it at a run, I’d have puked blood.)

3.  I spilled some gas on my hands, filling the lawn mower to do a rush cut of our lawn before the rains came.  The smell reminds me of working at the Indian Head Esso in high school and I had so much gas on my hands in those days, I’m willing to bet that if I ever get diagnosed with cancer, it’ll be finger cancer.

4. Why do you climb Everest?  Because it’s there.

5. Funny moment of the weekend.  Going past one cottage, my mom says “Look at the monstrosity they’re building here.”  Pace, who was sleeping, pops awake immediately: “Where’s the monster???”

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