Saturday Snap – Bell Farm Round Barn Grand Opening

Went to my hometown this weekend for the grand re-opening of the historic Bell Farm Round Barn , a reconstruction of the original building which had been near collapse only a few short years ago which would've been a shame, both for the loss of history and also, on a more personal note, as this farm was on the way to our own family farm and I've spent much of my life driving past this building, which often inspired thoughts about the people who settled in the area and the groundwork they laid for our present lives here on the prairies.  

The reconstruction used many of the same stones and materials from the original structure although with a few added touches to keep with modern building codes (the original had neither plumbing or electricity.) 

It did however have many firsts and significant accomplishments including the first phone system ever operated in Saskatchewan.  This was how the founder, Major Bell, kept in touch with the twenty-seven cottages where his foremen lived and worked across this 53 000 acre farm – a farm so large that that passing trains would often stop so passengers could have a gander!    

Hopefully one of the areas original tourist attractions can once again regain that mantle.  If you're in the area, I encourage you to check it out. 

Bell Farm Round Barn Grand Opening, Indian Head Saskatchewan

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