Happy Birthday To Me!

It's my dyslexic birthday today (I was born in '73 and am turning 37) and I know they didn't do it for me but what a great gift to stumble across a clip of a quasi-Beatles reunion as Sir Paul recently took to the stage to celebrate his old bandmate at the conclusion of an All-Starr Band concert in New York.  It was Ringo's 70th birthday and the drummer had no idea this was in the works.    

From the YouTube comments:

“He says that when Ringo came off stage after “With a Little Help From My
Friends,” Wright was standing beside Ringo and Barbara in the wings.
She asked Ringo if he was ready for his surprise. When Ringo heard
McCartney start “Birthday,”? Wright said, “His jaw just absolutely
dropped!” And then in seconds, he was running on stage for his drums.
(In the video below, you can see Ringo racing for the drums.) Wright
also said Ringo had tears in his eyes!”

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Happy Day! Hard to believe Ringo and Paul are the only two remaining. But then, I'm much older than 37 so mortality has that effect on me. : )

    Posted 18 Jul 2010 at 11:24 pm

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