Music Monday – "Outside my window/I listen to the rain/And the sounds of the passin' cars/And the waves on English Bay"

We're back from our trip (actually, have been back since last Thursday night but I was enjoying my blog holiday too much to start posting right away.)  But today was back to work and so I'll get back to working on my blog as well. 

I'm not sure if the blog holiday will influence how I go forward with this site.  Part of me thinks it'd be nice to post a little less often but I also realise that if I stop aiming to do daily posts, it's really easy to slip to “okay, as long as I post weekly” then “okay, as long as I post monthly” and so on until the blog withers and dies.  But we'll see.  Anyhow, a Music Monday post is a nice way to gently ease back into things… 

Does anybody else have a song that becomes their “theme” when they're doing something – whether it's a vacation, a conference or even sometimes just something simple like a walk to the corner store or whatever. 

For example, at the recent CLA conference in Edmonton, I kept having Moxie Fruvous' song, “River Valley” run through my head.  Nothing mystical there – just a natural connection since the conference was held in the Shaw Convention Centre which overlooks Edmonton's River Valley. 

Same with this trip.  This song kept running through my head – especially during the week we spent in Vancouver (I like that this video is a bit like a home movie travelogue instead of the Blue Rodeo concert video you might expect.  In fact, this video could come from our own digital camera videos – though it doesn't).

More thoughts on our trip tomorrow…

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