Saturday Snap – First Day of Swimming Lessons

In my ongoing quest to give a theme to every single day of the week on this blog, I've decided to start the “Saturday Snap” recurring feature to highlight a photo I've taken – usually from the past seven days but occasionally something from the archives or maybe even a cool photo I find online. 

With the iPhone, I'm taking a lot more photos and it's also a lot easier to directly upload them compared to a regular digital camera.  (When will we reach a point that every device comes with some sort of wireless capability?  Not just digital cameras but our appliances, our toys, our cars – there are so many possibilities!) 

Okay, here's the first Saturday Snap – actually from last Saturday which our first day of Pace's swimming lessons.  We had in in swimming lessons in Weyburn when he was around a year old and these ones are fairly similar – mostly getting used to the water, lots of songs, working on very basic skills (blowing bubbles, floating with assistance). 

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