Music Monday – "I've been looking at the sky/'Cause it's gettin' me high/Forget the hearse 'cause I never die"

I don't know much in this life but I do know that my version of the great unfinished Canadian novel begins with this line: “There were two kinds of music in my hometown growing up – Country and AC/DC – so the hymn being played at my grandmother's funeral is unfamiliar to say the least.” 

This hypothetical novel is in the genre of fictional autobiography and it's sad but true that AC/DC does play a very big part in the lives of myself and many of my fellow flatlanders (well, “Sad But True” is Metallica but I digress.) 

So here in the city that rhymes with fun and across the whole province, people are in quite a tizzy that we're getting a visit tonight from the band that defined so many of our teenage years (and continues to define the lives of those I refer to as “They who stayed behind.”

I didn't get tickets (okay, didn't try either.  High school was a LONG time ago!) but I still thought Music Monday would be a perfect opportunity to pay tribute.  There weren't any clips up from the actual show yet (unlike when I did a tribute to another icon of my teen years, MC Hammer) so I found this instead: 

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