Music Monday – "I've got to be unstoppable/I've got to be unstoppable/Eh, eh you don't like/eh, eh, eh you don't like."

Found this clip on Reddit and though it's a bit different than my usual Music Monday clips, I thought it was worth sharing as it's definitely got music in it and it's a pretty cool visual too! (Of course, it'll probably come out that this is a viral advertising campaign for Coke One or something. )

But assuming it's legit, I'm sure there's a lesson here about the differences between being a leader and being a follower. 

The clip starts with one lone guy doing what I've heard described as the “monkey dance”, that same dance you always see some neo-hippie doing off at the side of the stage at Folk Festivals.  But the difference here is that he eventually attracts a crowd who all dance with him (I still can't decide if that first couple guys who go up to join him are doing it in a slightly mocking way or if they're sincere as well.) 

I've been thinking a lot about leadership, reading a lot about leadership and trying to distill my own philosophy into something concise.  And what I've come up with is this: I wonder if, at its simplest, leadership is about being actively engaged – with your work, with your life, with your world and what's around you? 

That crowd sitting and listening to the performance is engaged but in a fairly passive way – perhaps in a way that many of us are passively engaged at work or at home or school or whatever.  But the brave, unique soul choosing to dance to the music is actively engaged.  And by this small act of leadership, he inspires his fellows to be actively engaged as well.  As I said, pretty cool. 

Or maybe not…man, I'm thirsty

(I swear that I didn't know when I made my Coke One joke that there would actually be a story about Coke using possibly illegal viral marketing techniques.  But of course there was…)

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    That video is teh awesome

    Posted 08 Aug 2009 at 9:38 pm
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