iPhone App Summary…So Far

Well, it's been five days with the iPhone and I'd say that it's a tie between the camera and the Apps for what I'm enjoying the most on the new gizmo.  I've downloaded a whackload of apps in the last few days – even paid for a couple!     

Here are the ones I currently have installed, roughly categorized by type:

Apps I Actually Use on a Daily Basis
Cribbage – paid $0.99 for this one and it's a great, quick time waster.  I hadn't played for a long time but the strategies came back to me.  I do miss a “hint” option when I'm too lazy to do the math on which cards I should toss in the crib.
Bloom – Brian Eno's ambient music generator.  Paid a whopping $3.99 for this and worth every penny.  Pace loves it too.  
NewsCanada – news headlines from major and local newspapers
Remote – allows you to use your iPhone as a remote control for your laptop's iTunes library

B&W – allows you to take B&W photos

Flickr Sendr – basic Flickr uploader

BubbleWrap – you know how you can spend hours popping bubble wrap from packaging?  The virtual version lacks the tactile sensation but is still kinda fun for awhile.
CowbellFever – “More Cowbell!” comes to the iPhone
DrumKit Lite – see a theme developing here with my “Fun” apps?  I like noisy ones!
Google Earth – probably one of the coolest apps I've seen just to look at – you literally can hold the world in the palm of your hand! 
iBrate – turns your iPhone into a vibrating massager. (I had a joke about vibrators here – took it out – then stuck this explanation afterwards since I know everybody was thinking it anyhow! )
iGlowStick – Turns your iPhone into a glow stick (you literally “break” the stick with your fingers then shake the iPhone to make it glow!)
Koi Pond – the fish pond app – feed the fish then chase them away with a poke of your finger.  Another $0.99 purchase that was worth it. 
MyPaintFree – a paint program mostly for Pace to fool around with

PhotoKast Lite – allows you to upload photos and vote on those uploaded by others.  Every vote sends the photo further away from the original sender so you can see how far your photos go over time on a Google map mash-up. 
Shazam – point your iPhone at any playing music – on TV, on the radio, etc – and have it determine very accurately what song it is you're hearing. 

BatterUp Lite – home run derby game
BlackJack – it's Vegas, baby! 
FS5 Hockey – air hockey simulator
iShoot Lite – very similar to a game I played all the time a million years ago in undergrad, Scorched Earth.  Pick your weapon type, your angle and your shot strength then fire away against computer opponents in randomized mountain terrain. 

AllRecipes – recipe site with fun “spinner” options which allows you to chooose random meal based on ingredient, cooking time and cuisine type.  You can “lock” any combination of these three options to narrow your choices. 
Breastfeed – two guesses who downloaded this reference work? 
Concerts – display upcoming local concerts
Google for Mobile
MobileAtheist – $0.99 for an e-book of atheism quotes?  Sure, why not. 
Oblique Strategies – who would've known that Brian Eno would play such a a big role in my little iPhone?
ScoreMobile – sports scores from Canadian sports network (eg. has CFL scores)
Stanza – e-book reader – it'll be interested to try to read the new Cory Doctorow on it. 
UrbanSpoon – restaurant guide which works like AllRecipes above except “spinner” options are cuisine/price point/city. 
Wikipanion – simplies use of Wikipedia on a iPhone

YP.ca – Canadian yellow pages

Social Networking
iReddit Free – simplifies surfing of popular site
TweetDeck & TwitterFon – I hardly ever use Twitter and I have two apps for it – huh? 

Tools (Literal)

Tools (Virtual)
Assistant – helps track various online accounts

Bonus: Two Cool Sounding Apps I Can't Use By Virtue of Being Canadian
Both Pandora Streaming Customized Radio and Loopt, which allows you to find other nearby mobile phone holders aren't available in Canada yet.

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