Music Monday – "Down in Saskatchewan/Never Meant No Harm To Anyone"

I was planning to throw together one last Meili tribute video since it's been a month to the day since the vote at the NDP convention.  Unfortunately, I don't think I'll get it done tonight so instead, I'll dedicate today's “Music Monday” clip to Dwain Lingenfelter who, as I type this, is receiving the nomination in Regina-Douglas Park. 

Louis Riel Trail posted a rumour that the Sask Party was looking to run a current member of the Roughriders against Link in that riding's by-election.  A couple people responded that this was unlikely but LRT says the source is reliable.  Man, that would be a wild battle – Dwain Lingenfelter, the Alberta carpetbagger (in some people's opinion) versus former Saskatchewan's own Grey Cup Champion, Gene Makowsky. For the low-information voter (who make up the majority of the electorate) that could really swing some votes.  Yikes! 

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